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Wake Up With Hardball (FULL MOVIE)

Just a great fuckin movie and really a perfect starting point for conference tourney Friday. Games tip in a couple hours which means you have plenty of time to enjoy this 2001 sports drama/comedy while reflecting on the gap sports bridge to understanding broader class struggles. 

Or maybe just have a couple laughs and taste some tears to get the weekend started. Maybe mix in a coffee. Either way it's a good experience as evidenced by the Rotten Tomatoes spread

29% spread is huge. 29% gets you laid. It's literally a prime number.

Some company: 

- George Brett hit .290 the season he shit his pants in Las Vegas from eating too many crab legs

- Michael Jordan made 29% of his 3 point attempts for the Wizards. 

- The MLB Strike ended 29 years ago

- 29 is the smallest positive whole number that cannot be made from the numbers {1, 2, 3, 4}, using each exactly once and using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

- The max score in a hand of cribbage = 29 

- Leap Year February 

- The B-29 bomber and all it's Pacific Theater glory 

- Oprah's birthday 

And just to be clear… that's only the Rotten Tomatoes spread. The 6.4 from IMDB only strengthens my case that Hardball is a comfortably solid watch. 

Please enjoy.

PS - G Baby dies

PPS - I couldn't find a free version of Blue Chips. If you got one please send my way @barstoolcarl