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We Are Being Gifted A New Must Watch Basketball Documentary, This Time From Allen Iverson Himself

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

Oh hell yes. I don't think I'm alone here in saying that I don't even need to see a single frame of this Iverson documentary to declare that I'm IN. As a well-documented sucker for any type of basketball/player documentary, this of course is right up my alley. I know that at this point some out there think there are too many documentaries and not every NBA player needs one, but that is not the case with Iverson. In fact, if any former legend should have as many as someone wants to make, it's him. 

To this day, Iverson is pound for pound one of the greatest players we've ever seen hit the hardwood. Can you imagine what Iverson would do in today's era? Not only would he probably develop a 3pt shot (career 31.3% shooter), but with the league now making it impossible to stay in front/guard quicker offensive players his scoring would be even more ridiculous. Let's not forget, this is what Iverson did during his era

He very well could have been putting up 35+ a season and that might not even be doing him the proper justice. I know there are some who consider Iverson just a shot chucker and get their panties all in a bunch about his efficiency, but to that I say grow up. Iverson changed how the game was played during his time in the NBA, and it didn't even matter if you weren't a Sixers fan. Every kid during that era practiced the Iverson crossover. We all had the Iverson shoe too. 

Given how crazy his entire career was both on and off the floor, I don't see how this could be bad. If you're telling me that we're getting a new doc with maybe some unseen footage and told from Iverson's point of view, I don't know how you couldn't be in on this project. The whole dynamic of his career is fascinating given he was the most influential player of his generation while at the same time the NBA (David Stern) clearly hated his guts. That's the part I hope this doc truly dives into, I don't need to see another highlight reel of his practice rant. Give us the good stuff.

Another reason why I love A.I. is because as a legend, he is always showing love and propping up the current generation. As we've seen these last few days, that's not exactly a common occurrence. You never see him throwing shade or talking down on the current greats, which I find very refreshing. He's secure in his place in NBA history, and he has no problem showing love to others who are changing the game in their own way. I wish more legends of the past had that same approach.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for this to drop, but you can bet your ass the night it does I'm clearing my calendar. I suggest you do the same