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Joe Rogan Details His Handshake Battle With Donald Trump At UFC Event

We all know about the historic Donald Trump handshake. He's gotten many international leaders with it:

At the recent UFC 299, Donald Trump made an appearance, which of course came with his own walk out:

I love how Dana gave this walkout for Trump at UFC 295 at MSG, then at UFC 296, and now he has to do it every time. If Trump wants to come to a UFC event, Dana now HAS to give him this walkout. It could be in 2 years and he isn't the president, Trump will still expect it. 

While Trump was saying hi to everyone, he went over to Rogan….who was READY for his handshake. Here's a video of a similar incident:

I must say, Trump still got himself a bit of a pull:

Next time Rogan shakes Trump's hand, he needs to make sure he has a wider base and is closer to him. With his short arms, Rogan is going to have issues winning any handshake battle against Trump.

Now we must give Rogan some credit for prepping for this moment. I do not think Dave was ready for his handshake (around 0:45 mark):

Imagine the ego boost Trump would get if Dave said that he sent him to the shoulder surgeon because of his handshake. He'd 100% bring it up in a speech on the campaign trail.