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Nicolas Cage Says He's "Had Conversations" About Returning As Spider-Man Noir In The Upcoming Live Action Series

When Nicolas Cage was asked whether or not he'll be reprising his role as Spider-Man Noir - a depression-era multiversal Spider-Man popularized by 'Into the Spider-Verse' - by Collider's Steve Weintraub at SXSW, he gave what I thought was a pretty promising answer!

"Well, I can say that we have been talking. It's no secret that I love the character. I think the character provides another mash-up of sorts. I can combine my favorite golden age performances - i.e. Robinson, Cagney, Bogart - with a character that is, I guess, widely considered to be Stan Lee's masterpiece. I see it as a kind of foray into a pop art mash up of, sort of, a Lichtenstein, mash up by way of Bogart and Cagney, but nothing's definitive yet. It's just conversation."

I know he said nothing's definitive, but he also said they've been talking! 

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As ridiculous as this sounds - Nicolas Cage just recently starting watching television after his son made him watch Breaking Bad start-to-finish, and loved it so much he keeps saying he's going to make the jump to television and retire from movies….

Could a 'Spider-Man Noir' series from Amazon Prime be the project that Cage wants to sink his teeth into first?

Initially, I kinda rolled my eyes at the prospect of this show, because while I loved him as a gag character in 'Into The Spider-Verse' - I just didn't know if there was enough meat on the bone for a whole series of his own. Then I started reading more and more about the character, though, and how many stories there are involving him, and now I think I'm in. I want this thing to be ultra-stylized like Sin City, I never want to see Spider-Man Noir's face (full face, he can pop the mask up to smoke cigs/kiss babes), and I want the villains to be super unconventional and look like Dick Tracy's rogues gallery. That's my pitch.

Oh, and let me be very clear - you need to put some of the brilliant minds behind 'Into/Across The Spider-Verse' in charge of 'Spider-Man Noir' if you want it to succeed. I don't want any of the fools working on the Sonyverse to get their hands on this. Everything they touch turns to shit.

Here's all the best Spider-Noir moments from the first 'Spider-Verse' movie….

P.S. The "Noir Mode" in Spider-Man 2 (achieved by just fucking with your visual settings) is so cool I think it sold me on the idea of this series….