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What Type Of Absolute MORON Would Rather Have The 'Like Mike' Shoes Than A Working Wand From Harry Potter?

On the last episode of the bracket Nick, KB, Cheah, Tommy Smokes, Klemmer, Marty and I debated which movie object we would most want in real life. One of the matchups was, to me, a no brainer. The shoes from 'Like Mike', which give the wearer all the skills of Michael Jordan, or a wand from Harry Potter, which can literally do ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES. In fact, there is probably a spell that can make you grow to 6'6, one to make you elite at basketball and one to grow a very questionable mustache that you can try to bring back (spoiler alert: you can't). However, the room(s) obviously didn't feel the same.

Lets be clear about something. A working wand would be arguably the most incredible fictional tool you could ever own. So what if you need to learn some spells? Like I said in the clip, simply google whatever spell you need when you need it! Or, if you want to, just learn the god damn spells. Get whatever the wizard equivalent of Babbel (Get 55% off at is and do a little studying. If I had the wand, first spell I would do is Wingardium Leviosa, a spell which can make even the heaviest objects (IE a bowling ball) float weightlessly and silently. 

You can watch/listen to the full episode below: