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Dan Hurley Has One Simple Goal As UConn's Head Coach - Have Every Other Fanbase In The Big East Hate His Guts (Mission Accomplished!)

The Big East couldn't be more back. Dan Hurley's acceptance speech about winning Coach of the Year basically saying he knows his job is to piss off every other fanbase is perfect. It's what the Big East is built on! Plus, he's already accomplished this: 

It makes sense for him to get into it with Providence fans. He has history with them from when he was at URI. Even Creighton makes sense because they've been the No. 2 or 3 team in the conference with UConn. But now I wonder who is next? Marquette could follow along with the Creighton line of thinking. Plus they got in a bit of a shit talking battle last year during the Big East Tournament. Xavier fans are crazy and Sean Miller could fire them up even more with his talk about tiers in coaching and how refs deal with them. I don't think Nova fans have it in them. They are too busy trying to fire Kyle Neptune. DePaul is irrelevant and I'm not entirely sure they have a dozen fans. Butler fans are sneaky aggressive. He'll argue with Pitino but until St. John's wins more their fans will stay quiet. He played at Seton Hall so I think they are 2nd to last on the list. 

Either way, he's accomplishing his mission fast in the Big East. I still can't believe he's THIS good. Don't get me wrong, I assumed he'd be fine at UConn but he already won a title and is a favorite to go back-to-back. I don't think most people saw that coming. He's doing it a bunch of different ways too. He's getting some big time freshmen, he's developing guys and then hitting in the transfer portal. He's figured it all out and that's just a honest assessment of his job. 

Hurley has earned my respect as a lunatic though. He doesn't give a rat's ass if you're a ref, a fan, an opposing coach, whoever. He's going to lose his mind on you if he feels you deserve it. We need more lunatic coaches in America with a personality. They are a large part of what makes college basketball great. He just needs to embrace it more and more. Keep trying to fight fans, openly talk shit and say things like this.