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Fantasy Football Free Agency Winners And Losers

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Now that the first couple days of legal tampering (literally translates to "legal corruption") are over why not have a little fun and run through some winners, losers for the 2024 fantasy football season. Maybe you're in a keeper league, dysnasty, or just want to have a quick glimpse of some of the key players who moved or were affected by moves. 


#1 - Josh Jacobs

How this guy has been in any way productive in the black hole of Oakland and Vegas is beyond me but it'll be something to see how much more production he can provide with a top-tier run offense in Green Bay. Dare I say it, but I predict Josh Jacobs even catches a touchdown pass this season. Even if it's just one that'll increase his career receiving touchdown total to… one. That's right. In 74 games in which he's started all but one, Josh Jacobs has never scored a receiving touchdown despite hauling in 201 catches. I mentioned he's been stuck in a black hole, right?

#2 & 3 - Drake London and Kyle Pitts

Let's check in on the vibes down in Atlanta to see how Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Kirk Cousins are meshing. 

Kirk seems to be a great fit for both of these talents who have been locked in their dungeons for years as unjustly as Edmond Dantes. Kirk's career has basically been "look for the #1 receiver and if that's no good check down to the tight end". It's perfect. I expect both pass catchers to appear unrecognizable compared to before as they seek revenge on the universe. 

#4 - Saquon Barkley

Similar story here I guess. How this guy still managed to be productive last season (and pretty much any season) as a Giant is impressive and now he gets to be the lead dog in Philly. Even moreso for PPPT leagues (points per push tush). I actually think the Eagles would be smart to use Barkley as the tush and Hurts as the push this season. Hurts was clearly…well.. hurt last season and now that the Eagles have 98% of the market share of backfield Quads (including QBs) this could be Tush Push 2.0. 

#5 - Derrick Henry

This was a perfect scenario for a running back who is turning into Gurley Glass before our eyes. Remember a few years ago when Gurley had like 14 yards and 47 touchdowns? Those numbers might not be exactly accurate but the dude fell into more fantasy points than he ran for. That might be all Henry has to do in Baltimore. They don't run Lamar at the goal line as much as many think so, as Kings tend to do, Henry can ride the coat tails of the commoners in the trenches to bring you production. 


#1 - People named Justin

Maybe Herbert will be OK but this past week was a catastrophe for Jefferson and Fields. Jefferson is going to need to train with Ghostbusters this offseason so he knows where Darnold is going to put the ball and Fields was looking like he could have a starting gig in either Atlanta or Pittsburgh. Now it appears he's been put on a Sunday paper coupon for an off brand grocery store that is left unblemished and surrounded by cutout rectangles around him. Forget Russell Wilson, even Sam Darnold got cut out before Fields. 

#2 - Austin Ekeler

I saw Austin Ekeler walk through a Target during training camp last season in Irvine, California. No, he wasn't in Target to shop with us commoners, he was passing through as Target is between an outdoor mall and the parking lot where his likely very fancy car was parked. But he was not alone as he was holding hands with a female companion, giggling, chatting sweet nothings and having such a good time that he didn't even notice the blogger that walked by him with a cart full of baby diapers while holding a list of things to get spelled out by its preparer to a degree that a first grader would have trouble screwing up. 

I bring this all up because I can confirm by the company he keeps, Austin Ekeler is NOT a loser. So much of a not loser it would be understandable if the hypothetical blogger mentioned above only managed to not screw up procuring 50% of his provided list due to the distraction it brought. But this is fantasy we're talking about… Fantasy FOOTBALL we're talking about. And you can't go from an outstanding offense that featured you for years to the Washington Commanders and expect things to go well. And having a major dud of a season in 2023 doesn't help things either. But maybe his mind wasn't really in the game last year. I for one, wouldn't blame him. Not based on my trip to Target that day anyway. Not based on either of my trips to Target that day. 

#3 - Calvin Ridley

I guess this all depends on what you think of Will Levis because I'd actually be open to this being a sneaky positive move from Jacksonville to Tennessee. The ball was spread out to too many pass catchers in Jacksonville and he might be the lightnight rod that gets all the attention on the Titans. I just dont' think the team's in a good place after letting one the league's best coaches go because ownership was butt hurt. 

#4 - Gabe Davis

There's our troll of the year on the move hoping you see him as a changed man that just needed a new scene for things to work out. Do NOT fall for this trap. DO NOT. If anything, Jacksonville was the perfect spot for him to continue fooling us all into thinking his 25 points one week would mean he won't give you a goose egg the next. Calvin Ridley was a Troll of the Year candidate himself and now Gabe gets to fill that role. 

Honorable mentions to Aaron Jones and Tony Pollard with clear downgrades in offenses.