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Mark Coleman Is Awake And Responsive After Heroically Saving His Parents In A House Fire This Week

Great news for ya this afternoon: Mark Coleman is awake, responsive, and with his family today after saving his parents in a house fire earlier this week. If you missed the story, I blogged it here....

Initial reports were not so promising, listing Coleman in critical condition, and flat out saying "it doesn't look good"....

….but as we all know - Coleman is a lifelong fighter, and he is fighting his way out of this. According to him, he's the "happiest man in the world!" right now.

As great as this video is, though, it is heartbreaking to hear him saying "….but I couldn't find Hammer" (his dog) at the end. RIP to that good boy who alerted Mark to the house fire in the first place. He's a hero too.

Here is the link to Mark Coleman's GoFundMe page, which has thankfully already hit the $50k goal and then some….