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Providence Fans Will Never Stop Chanting 'Fuck Ed Cooley' And That's A Promise

Last night was the third matchup between Ed Cooley's garbage Georgetown team and Providence. The Big East was smart for putting the first game at Providence. Let the fans go nuts, chant whatever they want and do everything that makes college basketball great. But last night they infiltrated MSG and by no means is this a quiet Ed Cooley chant. It makes me really think this will never stop. I don't know why my dumb brain thought Providence fans would stop at any point, it's clear they just hate Ed Cooley and always will. It could be 2030 and there will still be chants like this going on.

I say it all the time, but the Big East really is the best conference because of the insane fans. They don't have football, they just have this conference. They have MSG. We run through all the stories just from this year where fans kept saying Tyler Kolek was illiterate, a Marquette compliance officer honestly responded to that calling it a lie. How do you look in orange? The documentary. Rick Pitino saying he wanted to die after losing a game, saying he's having the least enjoyable experience of his life before firing his team back up to the bubble. Sean Miller calling out the refs and saying there's a tier system. Dan Hurley wanted to fight not one but two different fanbases. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but you get the point here. College basketball is at its best when the Big East is fucking insane. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Providence fans chant this today. They don't care that Ed Cooley's season is over. They know one thing and one thing only now, Ed Cooley is a traitor. I really need to get to the Big East Tournament. It's probably my biggest bucket list item in college basketball and one of the top in all of sports for me. MSG is always packed, there's something special about the Big East getting it there every year.