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The Boys Are Here To Stay! The Lions Have Signed Brad Holmes And Dan Campbell Through The 2027 Season

It had to happen. I know that there is still a bad taste in some people's mouths following that disastrous blown lead in the NFC championship against the San Francisco 49ers, but we can't overlook how far this organization has come. It's a completely different culture, and it's been fun to watch. The biggest reason for it is the two men in front. 

Brad Holmes is one of the best GMs in football. I can't remember the last time that Detroit had somebody in whom we had full faith like this. It's among the most rewarding things as a sports fan to know that the guy in charge knows what he's doing. The same can be said about Dan Campbell. I wasn't crazy about the hire when it happened. He was a relatively unknown. I had no concern that the players wouldn't play for him, but he's brought in an excellent staff and done a wonderful job. This team will have Super Bowl expectations next season, which I never thought I'd say.

This is all great and fantastic. These are two guys that I wanted to see stay in Detroit. I never had a whole lot of doubt that they would ever leave voluntarily, but it is nice to have that reassurance. With that said, the honeymoon phase is now officially over. In those first several years, both these guys could do no wrong, and the team overachieved in each of the last two seasons. But as I said, in the future, it's championship or bust. They've earned the right to have those expectations. Holmes and Campbell have done an incredible job, but I do think, given the expectations, that the microscope will be held up to them just a little closer than it was the last few years. That's the necessary burden that comes with building a championship-caliber roster. 

I know some Lions fans are a little bit disappointed by the lack of moves and free agency so far, but as I brought it up the other day, this isn't a roster that needs some complete overhaul. It seems like their main priority is keeping the core intact. The GM and Coach aren't going anywhere, and pretty soon, their quarterback and best wide receiver will be locked up long-term as well. What made last year's Lions run so fun was that it felt like the beginning of something. It wasn't a fluky one-year thing. Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell have built something sustainable. The next step is to build a team that can finish the job.