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Kyle Pitts Says All Kirk Cousins Has To Do To Get No. 8 Is Throw Him the Damn Ball

We've seen athletes make all sorts of crazy deals for jersey numbers when a new guy shows up and wants to wear one that's already taken. Some guys will get a nice gift or just be willing to fork over cold, hard cash. All Kyle Pitts wants in exchange for No. 8 on the Falcons, though, is for Kirk Cousins to know he exists and throw him the ball.

It's pretty insane that Pitts is heading into his fourth year widely regarded as one of the best tight ends in the NFL and hasn't sniffed a 1,000-yard season since his rookie year. He also has just 149 targets in the last two seasons. Compare that to, say, Travis Kelce, who had 121 in the 2023 season alone. There is not a person in the world happier about the Falcons signing Cousins than Pitts.

Look at the shit this guy was dealing with before:

What a sweet deal for Kirko Chains. He was prepared to fork over a chunk of his massive signing bonus to keep his number and all he's being asked to do instead is utilize one of the best weapons in the NFL. I'll take the deal, Howie!

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I am going on record that this offense will be nasty in 2024. Even with a first year coach and quarterback, if you can't get it done with Cousins, Pitts, Bijan Robinson, Drake London and Darnell Mooney, it's time to pack it up.