We've Never Seen A Shitshow Like Louisville: Report Claims Assistant Coach Nolan Smith Leaked That Kenny Payne Would Be Fired In December, So He'd Be Named Head Coach

You know what? At this point, I gotta hand it to Louisville. Every time I think the joke is over, there simply can't be anything else that could happen to make them look worse than DePaul, they dig deep and deliver. This time it was with the firing of Kenny Payne, the one thing every single person who likes Louisville agreed on. Then Eric Crawford dropped that article and more importantly that paragraph about Nolan Smith trying to overthrow Kenny Payne.

Talk about having guys in your corner. Nolan Smith was your assistant coach! Then again can we really be surprised from a guy who learned from Coach K and as much as it pains me, is in the Rico business? 


He's got the boys ready alright. Out here fighting with people on Twitter and trying to take Kenny Payne out from the inside. I don't understand how dumb someone can be like that when you're at a major school. You don't think that info will get out at any point? Someone will rat you out, especially when it turns out to be the shit show that Louisville is. Also hilarious that Louisville's athletic department was like yeah, I don't know Kenny, you go take care of it. Not our problem because you got 3 more months here. 

This is also a death sentence for a big time job now. You don't comeback from a report saying you basically tried to overthrow your head coach so you would get the interim spot. You had to know that Kenny was going to get fired at some point. Just patiently wait and see if you get your turn. Then again, Duke guy. They are snakes through and through. Can't really be surprised by any of that. 

I just gotta give it up one more time for the Kenny Payne era. We've never seen this big of a disaster at a major program. They had to go out with one more ridiculous story and somehow it wasn't Kenny Payne comparing the program to the Titanic. Incredible all the way around.