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The Pardon My Cheesesteak African Bowl: Hope Died, Some Cried, Kenya Lied.

This video was the craziest emotional rollercoaster of my life and I hope you guys enjoyed a literal action-packed dramatic movie we lived through. I think you should definitely check this out, it's the best piece of content I have ever been a part of. Its a crazy rollercoaster trying to instill hope and motivate a team to win.

To strapping on the pads for the first time in 4 years with the guys. Getting pumped and ready to fuck up Kenya

To the inevitable loss that still ended in some festivities with the guys. 

Also, I would like to pretense this with you really can't emotionally prepare for one of the wildest experiences of your life. 

And a moment I thought was chatting with my mom I pretty much cracked and it all hit me. Yeah laugh whatever but it was real to me goddamnit. The emotions going out with the guys. You really don't get it unless you do. 

Quick Update on the impact of Malaria Medication side effects like crying. 

And here's the clip everyone has been clowning me for. 

its definitely must-watch TV.