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'Thank God For Justin Moore' - Kyle Neptune Immediately Realized Moore's Game-Winner Saved His Career And Nova's Entire Program

On one hand, it's March. Survive and advance is a saying for a reason here. On the other hand, if we said Nova needs to win the Big East Tournament to be get a NCAA Tournament bid because they barely beat DePaul, it'd be fine in my book. I don't think that it's an exaggeration to say Nova should have fired Neptune, maybe moved conferences or anything else like that if they lost to THIS team: 

That said, this all makes this quote from Neptune after the game even funnier: 

Yeah, man, no shit. He just saved your career. You don't comeback from losing to DePaul with your season on the line. This would have been the worst loss in the modern era for Villanova and it's not even close. The only other loss would be to Chaminade in 2002 out in Hawaii, but you had players suspended and it was November. Not the season on the line. 

You know who else is saying that? The snack bar in Chicago

If anything this just proves we simply can't expand the NCAA Tournament. I don't want this Nova team anywhere near safe heading into the Big East Tournament. That'd be atrocious. Instead we're all up on a Wednesday night at 11:30 talking about how God hates DePaul and arguing if Nova will still get in or if they'd beat Indiana State. Give me that any day of the week instead of, well this makes Nova an at-large 14 seed now. 

PS: I have to say it because he's my idol, my number 1 option for anything. Raft's onions call in March is always a 10 outta 10. He don't care how big of a favorite you are. You hit a shot like that, you're getting an onions call. Man always delivers.