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Thank You Jim Irsay: The Colts Have Signed Joe Flacco as Backup QB

Last year when the Colts signed Gardner Minshew to back up Anthony Richardson, I didn't like it. Before I'd ever seen Anthony Richardson play, I was worried that Gardner Minshew would be too likable, and if Richardson didn't perform up to his expectations, we'd have a whole "Minshew Mania" movement (because he's so god damn likable), and fans would be pushing for him to take over the starting spot.

Turns out that was really fucking stupid. I couldn't have been more wrong. Turns out having a good backup is good. After a few games, Anthony Richardson clearly had the skills to be a #1 starter in this league. The problem was he got injured every few plays. Not even halfway into the season, Anthony Richardson was out for the year, and the Colts became Gardner Minshew's team by default. Then... the fact that we had a likeable backup QB was amazing. As much as it sucked to have Richardson on the sidelines, Minshew at least gave Colts fans something to cheer for. And Minshew exceeded expectation. Nearly even made the playoffs. Turns out having a likable backup who fans aren't entirely embarrassed by is a good thing.

But this coming season, Minshew is playing for the Raiders, and Anthony Richardson is set to be the Colts starter once again. And any Colts fan with a brain has to be worried about his health. Every time Richardson leaves the pocket I'll be holding my breath. So worst case scenario, if Richardson gets hurt again (which he totally won't I promise), and we can bring Flacco off the bench.... I mean that's not too bad. Flacco-mania took over Cleveland last year. I can't think of a more fun backup QB to have (other than Jameis Winston).

Good job Colts. Good job Jim Irsay. Even if you had nothing to do with this move, I like to pretend that you're calling all the shots. fingers crossed Anthony Richardson stays healthy and we never have to see Flacco take a snap in a regular season/playoff Colts game.