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Marlon "Chito" Vera Threatens To Find The Asshole Who Broke Into His Home During Fight Week

MMAFighting- Marlon “Chito” Vera returned home from UFC 299 and found that someone had broken into his house while he was gone in Miami for a title shot against Sean O’Malley.

The veteran bantamweight revealed the news on social media along with a photo that shows a door that was forcefully smashed open for the burglars to enter his house. In a separate post on his Instagram stories, Vera offered some context to the robbery that took place at his home prior to his fight with O’Malley on Saturday night.

“The context is last night there was a robbery,” Vera said. “They broke into our house. Though they are material things, they are things that have been bought with a lot of effort and hard work. But hey, these types of things happen”

It’s unknown if Vera filed a report with police or if there’s any investigation underway regarding the break-in at his home. Vera also didn’t detail what exactly was taken from his home during the robbery.

Tell ya what - if I was the idiot who robbed Chito Vera (I wasn't and I have the alibis to prove it) while he was in the cage at UFC 299, I'd be pretty fucking scared right now. I'm getting major Bryan Mills energy from that simple "I'm gonna find you." message on his Instagram story.

It's even worse considering that bashed-in door was the first thing he saw when he came home without the title, you know? I think if Chito beats Sean O'Malley at UFC 299, he probably doesn't even give a shit that some lowlife stole a safe full of watches and documents from his house. He's propping that championship up where the safe used to be and not thinking twice about it.

Coming back with the loss to see this, though? That's enough to make you go on an all out John Wick revenge arc for sure.

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Someone actually robbed UFC Heavyweight Cyril Gane last year during UFC Paris in a story very similar to this one….

Do we think multiple burglars had the balls to rob these bad motherfuckers on separate occasions, or is there one man/team behind the fighter heists?!

I kinda want to believe it's one guy who will eventually be taken down by a UFC Swat team of sorts. Gane and Chito Vera can be on the squad for revenge, alongside Anthony Smith who has experience dealing with home invaders, and Kevin Holland who has experience crimefighting. They could plan a sting operation and catch this asshole red handed, only for Dana White to walk out and hit him with a: "That's fucking illegal" before shoving him into the back of a police car.

Now THAT'S a movie I want to see….and by movie I mean true crime documentary. We can take this monster down - together.

Again - it's not me robbing these fighters. I promise. I have alibis.