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Shaq Is The Latest NBA Legend To Throw Shade At The Current Generation, This Time Declaring Rudy Gobert Isn't A Great Defensive Player

Stephen Maturen. Getty Images.

Yesterday in NBA legends shitting on the new generation, we had Isiah Thomas throwing shade at Steph Curry, declaring that he's actually not even really a point guard.

Today in NBA legends shitting on the new generation, we have Shaq taking his shots at Rudy Gobert and his perception as an elite defender

Now, shitting on Rudy Gobert certainly isn't new and it certainly isn't reserved for guys like Shaq. That's the trendy thing to do nowadays, and usually we get it from players like Draymond. But at this point, it's getting a little tired. The guy is about to win another DPOY, a race he's led from the start of the season. His team has had the best defense in the NBA since the start of the season, something we didn't often say when talking about the Minnesota Timberwolves since the KG era, and even still Rudy Gobert can't shake this supposed "overrated" narrative. 

I don't want to make it sound like I'm championing for Gobert, but come on. While he was on the Jazz we heard this same narrative while he won his DPOYs, and then he left and joined a new team and the defensive impact is the same (best in the league). It's OK to admit that maybe the guy is pretty damn good on defense! Shaq's reasoning also doesn't make any real sense either. Hold Jokic to under 15 points? That's the only way you can show you're an elite defender? So by that criteria, there are no elite defenders on planet earth because NOBODY is doing that shit to Joker.

It's really getting sad at this point when it comes to the legends of the past discussing the players of the present. Why does it seem like nobody can give the proper amount of respect? Instead, all we get is baseless hating.

For example, this part right here?

Uhhhhh Shaq, people don't forget this

Steve Babineau. Getty Images.

I know I sure as shit didn't. That was age 38 Shaq and the man was unfortunately as washed as washed gets. So much so that years later he openly admitted he blatantly stole money from the Celtics to sign that deal because he knew he was cooked. But now a good 4 years after that season I'm to believe is getting Rudy Gobert money? We all saw you! There's film! 

The best way to describe the Isiah takes from yesterday and then this from Shaq today is that it's just cringy at this point. Sure it might go viral and NBA Twitter will pile on because again that's the trendy thing to go when it comes to Gobert, but anyone with eyes who has watched him play can understand and respect the impact he's made on the Wolves' defense. 

This isn't all that different from when Shaq used to shit all over Dwight Howard during their beefing days, so maybe this is more par for the course when it comes to Shaq and new era big men. Yes, none of them are Shaq. Nobody is ever going to be like Shaq, that's what makes him a legend. But it's perfectly OK to appreciate the best of the best in this current generation without shitting all over them as players. That's just weird.