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Army Lacrosse Is The #1 Team In The Country So Either Get On Board Rooting For America's Team Or Leave

As of Monday, Army has the #1 lacrosse team in the country. This is awesome. Period stop. 

A few things to get everyone up to speed. No, I am not a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to Army Lax just because they are #1. I started rooting hard for them my freshman year and continued to be a massive supporter every day in person and online ever since. Oh by the way, my first roommate in the Army was a lax player (what up Matty L.) so I don't want to hear it. I don't know if I can call myself a "lax rat" as someone who never played but if so then I'm lax rat adjacent. 

Secondly, this isn't all that surprising to see Army at #1 for anyone who has watched them play in the last 100 years - we have 8 national championships to our name, made two final fours in modern times, are perennially in the top 20, and missed the Final Four last year by tenths of a second. We have a very strong program built on "family, toughness, tradition."

Which is also partly why I hesitated even writing this blog - the accolade is nice but we are far from a Cinderella in my opinion. 

Year in and year out we have some excellent players and this year is no exception - too many that I honestly could just list our roster. We do have 4 dudes on the Teewaaraton (Heisman for lax) watch list which bears mentioning. 

However, if Morin keeps doing this to defenders we might have to start calling players' mothers to inform them of the hazard of trying to defend him.

People around the college game are taking notice too.

Paul Rabil - friend of Barstool and co-founder of the PLL (shout to his brother and co-founder Mike) knows a thing or two about The Creator's Game so you can bet if he's paying attention, you should too. 

The problem with being #1 though is now you are everyone's biggest game with a massive target on your back. Make no mistake, Army does not have a cakewalk the rest of the year either. One of the things I enjoy about lacrosse is the parody. The records mean less in this game compared to other sports so although you may be playing a 2 or 3 loss team, you could get your lunch handed to you on any given day. Our advantage is our Coach, Coach Joe Alberici. I know for a fact he is keeping these guys from reading their own press and being relentless about reminding them that each game they are 0-0. 

Quick sidenote about Coach A - he took over for the legend and all time D1 wins leader, Coach Jack Emmer, my senior year. As I mentioned, I didn't play for him and only saw him a bit in the weight room. However, I was at most of the games that year supporting my buddies. The first time I ran into him years later after I was done serving, he remembered who I was. You might find that insignificant but for a coach to remember someone, and more than just my name, who didn't even play for him speaks volumes about the type of guy he is, let alone what a great coach he is too. I'm lucky to know him more now and it's a pleasure to root for his teams.

 "Cheese and crackers!!!"

Listen, this wasn't going to be filled with the Xs and Os of the game or how Army's opponents break down the rest of the way. Our boys over at The Crease Dive have you covered there and I'm sure they will discuss Army on this week's episode. This was meant to get you in the know that America's Team is poised for a deep run this year and you don’t want to end up looking like a dummy on the turf who got their ankles broken. 

Amid all the turmoil in this country, amid all the drama at Barstool, why don't we all come together behind Army huh?! Heck, I may even get Brandon Walker to talk about it on his daily sports show. I think he likes America. You already know Billy will be a case deep watching Army games the rest of the way talking about how "we" need to win since he is also a troop…sort of. 

This is fun, we are having fun. Not just for Army alum but anyone who is a fan of lax or even casuals who want to pay closer attention. Now is the time folks. Pick up a rifle, get in formation, and get behind the A Team the rest of the way this year.

If you want to support the troops in another way, watch today's ZBT below: