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The Legend Of Greg Kampe Grows - Gets Oakland To The NCAA Tournament After Nearly Dying 7 Years Ago, Crushes Nachos At A Dive Bar To Celebrate

For those that are diehard college basketball fans, you likely know the name Greg Kampe. He's been the coach of Oakland for 40 years. Just an absurd number to type out, especially when you put Oakland there and not Duke or Syracuse. He's arguably the most beloved coach in college basketball. If you need a reminder, this is Greg Kampe: 

So last night Oakland beats Milwaukee to win the Horizon and go to the NCAA Tournament. Awesome, all that stuff. In fact it was an awesome game. Hopefully Rico was able to catch that game at least. 

Tough look, you gotta double check the score Rico. Come on! Then again, I want to be pissed at Rico for his horrendous take of feeling bad for Kansas. Kansas! Just because they've had some injuries and heartbreak and got blown out in the NCAA Tournament in the last 15 years. Yep, only Kansas. I like Rico, I don't want an army to go against, especially when it'll basically be the Jon Snow gif in real life. I don't have an army. 

Back to Kampe though. It's not that he just got Oakland to the NCAA Tournament, it's what he did after. According to that piece by Norlander he found a dive bar and pounded chicken nachos and pork dumplings. That's my kind of guy! This is where I'm ready to debate, a healthy debate even (live at 4pm, there's a plug, Rico). Nachos are being talked about as being overrated so much, they are underrated. I love nachos. The key is obviously 1) you have to eat them at the restaurant. Terrible for delivery or take out. 2) I need a mix of melted cheese. Give me the queso, give me the melted cheese, add some spice to it and keep your beans and olives the hell away from it all. 

Oh and why is Kampe a legend? Besides the sweaters, the success, the 40 years at Oakland and the nachos? He almost died seven years ago

Hasn't slowed him down. He's also the coach every shooter dreams to play for: 

This is the same man who gave us Max Hooper - who went an entire season literally without shooting a two. Oakland is good too. Trey Townsend is legit and dominated last night. So shout out Greg Kampe. I keep saying it but the more characters we get in the NCAA Tournament, the better it is for the sport. It's a sport dominated by coaches being characters. Right now we're looking at a Tournament with Bucky McMillan, Greg Kampe, Danny Hurley, Calipari, Few, Izzo, maybe Pitino, Self, maybe Steve Forbes. 

Now if you excuse me, I'm finding a place in the Cincinnati suburbs to get some nachos.