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Attention Football Players: If You Cry After Losing A Football Game, Pete Prisco Will Not Be A Fan Of That

On today's Pardon My Take... PETE PRISCO! The Senior NFL Columnist and analyst for CBS Sports joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss winners and losers from free agency, what the Bears will do with Justin Fields, overpay of running backs, and should guys be allowed to cry during football games?

That aforementioned question is the topic of this blog, but why? Well, it started when the fellas were talking about the Bears, and what they should do with their QB situation: Fields, Williams, BOTH?! Prisco mentioned that he believes Williams will be the pick for Chicago, and that he thinks there is a lot to like about him. However, he wasn't hesitant to list his concerns about the USC QB. Let's list them off...

- He doesn't throw on time/in rhythm all the time

- He takes deep drops

- He cried after a game

That's right, Prisco believes you shouldn't cry after losing a football game. Red flag for him. He is getting roasted for this take.

As a very emotional person myself, I am all for crying after losing football games. Never be afraid to show your true emotions. Wear it on your sleeve!

Nothing wrong with this. Absolutely nothing. Criers CARE. Non-criers care, too. Everyone handles their emotions differently, so why does it matter? Team crying until the day I die.