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BREAKING: Philadelphia Eagles Extend One Of Their Best Players In Franchise History To 4 More Years

Yup. That Jake Elliot. A kicker and the MVP of the Philadelphia Eagles last season who is already one of the greatest players the franchise has ever seen.

Wait...Elliot is now tied for the highest paid kicker in NFL history, you say, Mr. Sheftey? Alrighty then. And might I add that it is extremely well deserved in Jake's case. He's earned every damn penny. For real, who would you say is the best kicker in the NFL atm? Obviously all-time is Alex Henery Justin Tucker and he deserves to probably be #1 for as long as he still has legs. You could/should throw Harrison Butkner into that conversation as well. But Jake Elliot is not even sneakily in the running for the title of best boot in the league, and rightfully so. The man was the best, most consistent, and clutch player for the Eagles for years now. Outside of random XP shanks (which seemed to be eliminated last season), Jake Elliot is the bread and butter for everything you want out of a kicker for your team. 

Remember that 59-yard boot in the rain vs. the Bills to send the Eagles into an OT victory last season? 

Or how about that much needed 61-yard kick vs. the Vikings at the end of the half DIRECTLY into the wind?

Jake Ellioit has been fucking that pigskin through the uprights from those distances for the W going on almost a decade now. Here he is doing the damn thing vs. the Giants at the end of regulation for a franchise record 61-yard kick. 

Oh and let's not forget later in the same season Elliot leading the Birds to a much needed 8 point lead in final minutes the SUPER BOWL:

"Only" 46-yards, yes, but the overall pressure of the moment in history combined with the fact Elliot drilled it down the middle like it was a Tuesday practice warmup boot in shells makes him even more of the man. 

David Akers ruled the legs of Philly for awhile and still arguably has the Golden Boot Crown for best kicker in Eagles history, but Elliot is not far behind if not there already for that title. Long live #4. No more of this chicken shit Chicken Little disrespect. Jake Elliot has earned everyone's respect and then some. Both inside and outside of the locker room. 

PS - LOL Howie.