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Dev Patel Broke His Hand/Toes, Tore His Shoulder, And Got An Eye Infection While Making His New Movie 'MONKEY MAN'

Dev Patel's new movie 'MONKEY MAN' - where he will make his directorial debut - looks incredible. Check out the trailer here....

'MONKEY MAN' was originally slated for release on Netflix, but Jordan Peele saw it and loved it so much that he bought the rights to it and is giving it a full theatrical run! Here's Patel talking about that....

It looks like such an original concept with amazing action and cinematography, and as a longtime support of Dev Patel - it's one of my most anticipated movies of the year. I didn't realize Patel literally put himself through hell to get it made, though! 

Statesman- "A stunt man stamped on my foot and broke it. So that was a bit of a problem. But we got through that and carried on," Patel said on the red carpet before the premiere.

The action star's tough luck continued, as he tore his shoulder. Then, fellow cast member Sikander Kher broke Patel's hand while shooting a bathroom fight scene.

It was the most complicated injury that Patel had to deal with while shooting. He couldn't film the rest of the movie while wearing a cast, so he knew he had to figure out another way to deal with it.

"I got on a plane after filming the rest of the scene. He put a screw in the hand and the doctor said 'that you cannot put any weight on it or anything,' " Patel said. "And then we carried on shooting."

"We had to change all of the choreo to like one handed moves, which was very difficult. But it was a real process of voracity and just trying to try to find a way to get it down."

Even knowing that Patel was down to one hand at certain points of the flick, it was hard for us to notice with how well-designed the choreography was.

You're tellin me he broke his hand, two toes, tore his shoulder, and got an eye infection while shooting this movie?! That's like Mick Foley's injury report after the infamous 'Hell in a Cell' match! 

Somebody tell this guy it's called ACTING, you are supposed to ACT like you're getting the shit kicked out of you - not actually get the shit kicked out of you! And the eye infection - how'd that happen?! My adolescent brain goes right to, "Somebody fart in it?!" but I know that's just pink eye, not all eye infections.

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I'm sure his incredible commitment to the role and the movie itself will bleed through the screen, though, because 'MONKEY MAN' just received a huge standing ovation at SXSW and has an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes after 26 reviews. 

I can't wait to see it next month. Here's a full sequence from the movie which will only make you want to see it more….