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The Mainstream Media Is Now Reporting On An Alleged Affair Future King William Has Had - Like Father Like Son I Guess!

As yes, it was only a matter of time until this came up. True Royal Watchers know that William has been softly accused of having an affair since 2019, with a woman called Rose Hanbury. Also known as, "The Marchioness Of Cholmondeley." Here she is alongside both Kate and William:

I haven't wanted to add too much to our US-centric blog about these British tabloid rumors, solely because they move so fast. Every 5 minutes there is a new rumor - they're having an affair, they have an illegitimate daughter, Kate is being hospitalized for mental health, Kate is dead, Kate took the kids and is punishing William - people have gone as far as to say "Kate's lawyer" hasn't heard from her, and is concerned about her whereabouts. Its especially hard to figure out what is real, and what is fake when it comes to this family. Their motto forever, is to "ignore and move on" when it comes to negativity in the press - a practice that has LONG been the worst way to handle all, and any news. If they were looking to spruce up their image, this was the #1 way to make sure that was impossible. Now, we have Stephen Colbert making jokes while drinking tea on his show, reign I guess!

I feel a sense of protection for these people because at the end of the day, they are just that - people. Spoiled, yes, but again, this whole generation of Royals knows nothing of the world but their lives, now. When Harry defected from the crown, everyone gave him a lot of shit for things he said and did once he was on his own. Conveniently forgetting that not once had he been exposed to "the real world." The same goes for William. All he knows, is "being Royal." Being in the spotlight, rules, conversations being had about his life and goings on, without real "facts" being confirmed or denied. It's becoming more and more obvious that we, as "viewers," don't know these people at all. It seems that finally, the jig is up. 

William allegedly having an affair is so disappointing. Not because it's a surprise, men have never been good at the simple task of "not cheating on their wives," no matter if they have mothered their children, or if they are the fucking King of England. It's just so painfully cliche. William learned from the best, his own father Charles' relentless cheating on his mother Diana, to such a level of disrespect that she had enough. I'd imagine that if all these rumors are as true as they seem, we are looking at a divorce announcement any day now. I'm on record saying that I believe this is the most likely reason for all of the secrecy and strange behavior coming out of the palace, and none of the other more intense rumors (death) have a shred of truth. The mob of the internet is out for blood right now, and they aren't going to stop until they have answers. My advice is to be patient, and remember that these people don't have the ability to simply, put out a selfie video explaining what's going on. Informality is essentially illegal, and even this weird ass tweet from "Kate" is so far out of the ordinary, it's clear that they've lost all sense of the plot.

To borrow a word from my guy Frank Fleming, this attempt is feeble at best. I'll be monitoring the progression of this drama of course, but don't be shocked when we see Kate and the kids on a yacht in the South of France, with William nowhere to be found.