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CJ Gardner Johnson Is Returning To The Eagles And Immediately Apologizes To Philly Fans After Famously Stating "I Can't Stand Those Fuckers"

Well, well, well. Look what the Howie dragged back into town. Our good ol' pal CJ Gardner Johnson. A man who was a certified steal trade from the Saints and contributed beautifully during his one season in Philadelphia during a Super Bowl adventure. At 26-years-young, you can't hate this deal from an "On The Field" perspective. Face it, the Eagles secondary, specifically the safeties, stunk last season. CJ can ball out at the safety position. Win-Win. 

But of course, we have to revisit the time CJ Gardner-Johnson high tailed it to Detroit for a 1-year-deal and ended up talking smack on the Philly fanbase on the way out the door - UNPROMPTED, mind you. 

Yikes. Not exactly the most classy move to a fanbase that essentially blew the man the second he entered the Delaware Valley. Naturally, CJ made the immediate public apology once the ink hit on his 3-year return to Philly:

OK. Did Gardner-Johnson mean his apology? Answer: Who cares. Hey, we are obnoxious at times. I get it. You get it. The world gets it. CJ obviously shouldn't have run his mouth the second he left town, but you know what? That's just him. CJ Gardner Johnson doesn't keep it in his pants (metaphorically speaking, I think). The dude LOVES to talk his shit. We knew this when he was on the Saints, his first run with the Eagles, and last year in Motown. I mean, he's already essentially calling out the entire Eagles secondary for last year's shitstorm of a season via reposts: 

Winning cures everything. And if CJ wants to fix the defense by leading the league in INTs again then by golly he can call the Philadelphia fanbase a bunch of obnoxious horse fisters for all I care. As long as it gets the Eagles back to the Super Bowl, we good, CJ. We good. 

Just maybe calm down on this pompous happy crap which DEFINITELY caused the Lions to blow their load in the NFC Championship, please. Nope. No more.