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Notorious Grumpy Asshole Jim Boeheim Has No Idea Why NC State Players Would Celebrate Anything During Games Because Their Team Stinks

Did we really expect anything else with Jim Boeheim calling some shitty ACC Tournament games? I mean did we really think Boeheim would be thrilled to be in Washington D.C. calling a Tuesday NC State/Louisville game? Of course not. The only win for Boeheim is he's not in Greensboro. Still hate that the ACC Tournament isn't there. The ACC Tournament should always be in Greensboro just like the Big East Tournament is always in MSG. While we're at it move the A-10 back to Atlantic City where it belongs. 

I don't know what Cory Alexander expected here. He set this up for Jim Boeheim just to complain about guys celebrating in the ACC Tournament. Trying to ask Boeheim what the 3 goggles is, come on. Boeheim was around the game for 75 years, of course he knows all the celebrations. He's a grumpy asshole, but he ain't a dummy when it comes to things around him. 

I just love this line of thinking of Boeheim though. No celebrating allowed when you're playing on Tuesday of the ACC Tournament. Just be happy you're allowed to be there. Get your ass back on defense and sit down on the bench! Really we need an ACC Tournament game to be Cuse/UConn 6OT and have Boeheim there with the headset on at 1am. That's when he'll become extra grumpy. He'd let anything fly during that time of the night. 

I still can't believe Boeheim is calling games. There was no other outcome besides him saying shit like this and sounding miserable. The man retired, he should have just done a couple studio spots and hung out in his home. Then again nothing sums up Tuesday ACC games like this.