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Can't Believe Louisville Is Planning To Fire Kenny Payne Just A Couple Hours After He Compared The Program To The Titanic, Begged For Another Year

I can't believe we're losing Kenny Payne. The man is going to go down as the worst head coach I've ever seen. I can't believe I'm saying that, but he also deserved one more year. He had people still going wild defending him in the last home game of the season: 

Need to see how that guy is feeling today. Anyways back to Kenny Payne. He was supposed to be the savior for Louisville. He won a title playing there before figuring life out and coaching under Calipari and basically becoming one of the great assistant coaches in America. He turned that into a job with the Knicks, looked like an elite NBA assistant coach and then came on home to Louisville. Instead he, well, let's run through some of the highlights. 

Openly admitted Mike Woodson tricked him 

This wasn't a haha we lost an early game, good one Mike. This is Kenny Payne sitting there bewildered that a team could run zone against him. Think about how much Indiana fans are talking about Mike Woodson sucking and THAT's the guy who tricked Kenny Payne. I don't think I've ever been so stunned during a press conference that a head coach at a major program would say this. 

A player debated sitting out because of tights

Team had to put out a statement because of rumors he fought a player

Losses to Division II teams

Arkansas showed clips to former Louisville players about how basketball isn't played

Fight video

Shit, there's a chance I left something out. The point being this is how bad it was. It also makes no sense for him to be begging for another year or saying you need 3-4 years to build a program like Louisville. Plenty of coaches at much shittier jobs were able to build something quicker because they know how to use the transfer portal and basic roster management. I also don't think Kenny Payne has ever seen the Titanic if he's begging for people to stay on the ship. That's the LAST thing you should probably do. 

Gonna miss him. I have no idea who Louisville hires. If you count interim coaches, Louisville has had 5 different coaches since 2017. Impressive. I know Louisville fans want Scott Drew, don't think that's happening. Why would he go there and rebuild a program again when he's already done that at Baylor? The funniest outcome for sure is Mick Cronin. Bring him home, Cards.