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Aroldis Chapman Trended On Twitter Last Night For An Absurd Video He Posted On His IG Story Of Him Grabbing His Mother's Breasts

I was going to head to bed last night until I saw that Aroldis Chapman was trending number one on Twitter. At the top was a tweet from the Rocket himself, which was enough to get me to do some further investigating. And listen, I don't even really like baseball, but I figured I'd check what the hubbub was all about because clicks are clicks. What I saw afterwards was jarring to say the least, and to be viewed at your own risk:

I love my mother just as much as the next guy, and at the risk of sounding like a bigot, is this some Cuban tradition I'm unfamiliar with? That's my only comment here. And I don't know what I thought he was trending for, but you could have given me a million guesses and I'm not sure I would have landed on this one. But if I had to see it, then so did you, except you clicked a blog title describing exactly what was going on. Different strokes for different folks.

Between this and the Skip Bayless tweet that proved the importance of commas..

What a night it was on the ole bird app.