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Pat Kelsey's Son Is A Menace On The Bench - Starts Taunting Stony Brook With Some Fake Crying As Charleston Won The CAA Tournament

Look, is this going to backfire when Charleston loses next week (most likely)? Of course. But that's all part of the shit talking game. If you can do it to Stony Brook, you better be ready for the cameras zooming in on you if you start actually crying as Charleston loses a 4/13 game or something. But here's what I will say and I say this as a father to two boys. This is mental warfare. Kids, especially boys, will torment you and they don't give a damn who you are, the time of the day or anything else. It's constant warfare with these menaces. So fair game. And let me be clear here too, I think this is awesome, I also won't care if the CBS cameras zoom in like he's the Northwestern kid if he's actually crying. 

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You can't call Texas soft - and rightfully so - for losing their mind over horns down and then get mad at this. This is what I want from my bench. Fuck outta here with sportsmanship, that's not real when it comes to shit talking. Everything is fair game. So if someone wants to fire back at this kid and potentially piss off Pat, go ahead. You want to teach a kid to embrace the game of basketball, this is all part of it. 

That said, this has gotta be the worst feeling in the world right? Stony Brook had a lead, blew it, Charleston couldn't score for like the last 5 minutes of regulation and then they beat you in OT all while this kid is breaking out the crying move on the bench. It's your only shot at making the NCAA Tournament and you look over and see this. Low point man. You can't even do anything at that moment. You can't talk shit back to a kid as they hit you with the crying move. They won't budge and in fact they'll only go back harder at you. I said it before, but it's mental warfare. Just be ready to be a meme next week.