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UFC Hall Of Famer Mark Coleman In Critical Condition After Running Into A Burning House To Save His Parents/Dog

I've got some incredibly sad news to share: UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman is currently fighting for his life after saving the lives of both of his parents in a house fire last night. 

Coleman was reportedly awoken by his dog in the middle of the night, after the fire had already started - and he immediately sprung into action, picking up his elderly father and running him out of the house, and then coming back for his mother and running her out of the house as well (and all of her hair was burnt off in the fire by then). He returned one final time for his dog, Hammer, and lost consciousness due to all of the smoke he inhaled while inside. He was airlifted to the hospital, and he is currently in critical condition.

I don't believe Mark's dog Hammer (a hero in his own right for waking Mark up) made it, so I just wanted to add an RIP to that good boy as well. All dogs go to heaven.

Coleman was a great fighter back in his day, a true pioneer of the UFC, and a fantastic addition to the MMA Twitter community now. He's made strides in his personal life with his sobriety recently, and bravery doesn't even begin to describe what he did last night. It's truly heroic in every sense of the word and speaks to the man that he is. He ran into the flames again and again to save his loved ones, and wouldn't stop until they were all safe. The world needs more guys like him.

The pictures of what is left of the house are nothing short of shocking....

Sending love and prayers to Coleman and his family, and really hoping he pulls through. We all know he's a fighter. 

You got this, Mark.