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Isiah Thomas Declaring That Steph Curry Isn't A Point Guard So He Doesn't Belong In The Greatest Point Guard Debate Is Extremely Embarrassing

Juan Ocampo. Getty Images.

What is with these old guys being unable to do anything other than throw shade at the current generation of greats? Seriously, are they that insecure? Isiah Thomas is a legend, a proven champion and easily one of the greatest point guards to ever play in the NBA. What he did at his size I don't think we'll ever see again. There is absolutely no need for him to be this insecure, and make no mistake, that's exactly how he comes off in that clip.

Steph Curry isn't the point guard? He doesn't initiate the offense? You could see how Draymond didn't even think that made any goddamn sense. Even his point about leading the team in scoring and assists in back to back titles doesn't really make that much sense and frankly isn't even that big of a deal or should be something that's held against Steph in this argument. He led the Warriors in assists during their first title run in 2014-15, then again in their run in 2016-17, was 2nd in 2017-18, and barely trailed Draymond in 2021-22 (sigh). Even in the years he didn't we're talking like 6.3 to 5.9 AST, so basically a marginal difference.

Not only that, but times have changed since Isiah's era. The players are better, the schemes are more diverse, and the ability to hurt a defense from multiple initiation points does not hurt Steph's legacy. In fact, it might make things more impressive that he's had multiple title runs while leading the team in scoring and assists, given how important Draymond is to their offense as an orchestrator.

The whole thing just comes off as sour grapes from Isiah that a player came along and has a case to leapfrog him in the all time point guard debate. Just because that guy also just so happens to be the greatest shooter to ever live doesn't make him any less of a "point guard". It just means he's also the greatest shooter to ever live. 

I just don't get why these older generation players have to be so weird about this new era. It doesn't make you any less of a legend! You're still a HOF player and Top 75 member! To try and suggest that "well actually Steph isn't a point guard" is just embarrassing and frankly makes Isiah look soft as hell. Be more insecure, you can't. 

And listen, I'm not trying to suggest that Isiah doesn't know ball. Of course he does. I just think he's also a professional hater at this point in his life.

You tell me, does this look like a point guard?