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Taylor Swift Is Doing Some Sort of Disney+ Production at the Hollywood Sign and Neighbors Are Pissed

SOURCE - Residents who live by the famed landmark near Griffith Park in Los Angeles are up in arms over a production that's been ramping up all week -- which is scheduled to shoot something big on Wednesday ... this according to the film permit notice neighbors have received.

Oh BOOOO HOOOOOO. These people should be HONORED to be near something that involves Taylor Swift. I mean how annoying can it really be?? I think it's frickin cool! And they get to see the whole thing up close! It has been confirmed that Taylor isn't doing any sort of performance or anything AT the sign. It just seems like they are doing some sort of shoot for The Eras Tour movie streaming on Disney+. 

People are so fucking dramatic. I can't stand it! Be grateful! You're in the presence of Taylor Swift! Kinda! 

SOURCE - We're told residents in the vicinity feel like this is a massive eyesore, and not just that -- but it's creating a bunch of foot traffic and ruckus that's disturbing their peace and way of life.

Oh my god. This will be done and over by FRIDAY. I feel like California rich people are just so fucking stuck up. It's creating a bunch of foot traffic!!!! Wah wah wah. IT'LL BE OVER IN A FEW DAYS PEOPLE! RELAX! Literally cry me a river. A crane is a huge eyesore, I will admit that. BUT ITS NOT LIKE ITS PERMANENT. Jesus!!!! I for one, am very excited for Taylor and for the Eras Tour to be available on Disney+.