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Absolute ASSHOLE Threatens To Kill 21-Year-Old Dock Worker After Being Told He Couldn't Park His $4.5 Million Lamborghini Yacht In Marina

Source - The owner of San Diego's $4.5 million Lamborghini yacht has been caught on video seemingly threatening to kill a dock worker and flashing his genitals after he was refused parking.

The local resident and owner of the yacht, Ajay Thakore who also goes by the name Ace Rogers, allegedly attempted to pull up to Seaforth Boat Rental to pick someone up on Sunday.

When a 21-year-old employee informed Thakore that he could not park there, the boat owner allegedly escalated the fight. The video showed Thakore yelling obscenities at the employer and throwing money in the water to swim after.

The Video: 

In another video, Thakore allegedly exposes himself after pulling his pants down and made inappropriate gestures at the dock worker.

STOP! Stop the reporting right there. Thakore didn't "allegedly" expose his cock and balls to the dock worker. He did exposed his cock and balls to the dock worker. (Allegedly). Here's a screen grab which has since been blurred out on the internet...




Gross. It's also not surprising considering that guy is a known asshole in and around the San Diego area. In 2021 he got in trouble for harassing the owner of a local pizza shop…

The boat owner made headlines in 2021 when he was publicly accused of harassing the La Jolla pizza eatery known as American Pizza Manufacturing.

The founder of the pizzeria, Andrew Melone, said he originally dealt with defaming social media posts and negative comments on review sites about his establishment.

However, the alleged harassment quickly escalated. Melone said he found two vehicles parked in the spaces directly in front of the take-and-bake pizzeria, covered with decals of various fonts reading 'Take N Bake Pizza Sucks.'

Melone also reported a plane flying over the area pulling a banner with messages like 'Just Say No To Take N Bake Pizza.'

and the restaurant next door…

Thakore also allegedly targeted the restaurant next to Malone's called Carino's, an business opened in 1972 which has since permanently closed its doors. The plane displayed messages such as, 'Carinos Pizza Is Better Than Take N Bake.'

He then tried to sue the owner for calling him out publicly. The lawsuit remains ongoing to this day where thing have gotten SO bad that he's now being counter-sued for "stalking, intentional infliction of emotional distress, intentional interference with prospective economic relations and negligent interference with prospective economic relations." 

But enough about this lunatic, the real star of the show is the 21-year-old underpaid bro working the dock. Talk about balls. That guy rolled up in a $4.5 million dollar yacht acting like a dick and what did he do? Flipped him the bird…

Good on him. Don't ever let anyone walk all over you, young king. I guess the guy also threw $300 into the water so jokes on him. Not only did that kid get his way, but he also got rich in the process. Fingers crossed it's smooth sailing the rest of the summer.