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It's A Crime Not To Mention Ana Maria Markovic When We're Talking About The Beautiful Game

Our A.I./Sydney Sweeney blogger Karim posted that earlier today. Job well done. I'm familiar with Karim's work since he's using words in his headlines that I have to look up to see what they mean in 2024. I'm also familiar with Karim's work because he likes to blog things like that above. There's a reason those blogs do well, people care about the beautiful game. So congrats to Kelci on the signing and Karim mentioned Alisha Lehmann. 

That's where I have a problem. He's talking about the beautiful game and left out Ana Maria Markovic. 

She quite literally won an award (a headline) calling her the most beautiful soccer player in the world. She deserves to be in that blog, damnit! But hey, I'll take the free pageviews by talking about her showing resiliency in coming back after missing a year to injury. 

That's right! She's back, baby! Plus she can do it all. You want her on the broadcast or helping out there? Fine. Team player.  

You want her on the national team in the 2nd best jersey behind the 1994 US denim? Not a problem there too! 

All I'm trying to say is Ana Maria Markovic deserves to be mentioned in any blog about the beautiful game and I was looking for a reason to blog her return from injury. Those are things that should be celebrated. A year-long injury? No thank you. Hell, if I sprain my ankle now running around you might as well amputate it. Now here's to Ana Maria staying healthy and getting back to the national team.