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Matt Rempe Getting Called Out For Not Answering The Bell Is Going To Be Great For The NHL

Rempe is already a name hockey fans won't forget anytime soon. I love a guy willing to bleed for his money. All the credit in the world to him for making hockey violent again and carving out a roster spot in the NHL by any means necessary. 

That hit last night wasn't great. I've seen dirtier hits. Obviously not great anytime your elbow comes up and takes out a guy's jaw, but it looked more reactionary than premeditated to me. Rempe was running around and sometimes you fly to close to the sun and you end up doing something suspension worthy. Bad, BAD ending to that play though. I bet he would take it back if he could. 

The other piece of this...if you're going to run around and challenge everyone, you have to reciprocate when you're challenged. Rempe didn't. Not a great look for the kid in my humble, blogger, opinion. 

What I can guarantee is that when these two teams get together again on April 3rd it is going to be must-watch TV. The blood will be simmering for weeks before coming to a boil in Madison Square Garden. A true heavy-weight fight where there are scores to settle. I am not a fan of the old way where you knew John Scott was going to fight some other goon and have more PIM than TOI, but I LOVE when you know the fireworks are coming because a debt is owed. Reminds me of the set up for Detroit-Colorado in the 90s. The Blackhawks getting revenge on Raffi Torres. Circle your calendar, you know the Devils will be circling the wagons. The NHL needs more hatred. It needs more violence. It is something totally unique to hockey. The players want fighting. 99% of fans want fighting. It's just media types who are trying to legislate it out of the game. The NHL needs more moments for fans to get goosebumps. Fights always do that and I can not wait for MacDermid-Rempe 1. I hope it is the spark that fuels the next great rivalry in the NHL.