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Asking Jon Jones To Kick You In The Leg For Fun Is A BAD IDEA

I'll be honest - I don't think taking leg kicks from Jon Jones is a great idea! 

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Even if he's going light, and giving you 20% power - 20% Jon Jones power is still a motherfucker to handle! 

Maybe I'm just being a pussy, though, and having flashbacks to Meatball Molly shredding every tendon in my knee with this one….

It ain't fun! I was limping for a couple weeks after that, and feeling the pain in my leg throb every morning for a month! 

Side note: Did I start a fans-taking-leg-kicks revolution with that video? 

Shortly afterwards, the Barstool Chicago guys did a leg kick challenge with Belal Muhammed….

….and then Jorge Masvidal went viral for laying one into a lucky fan….

….and just last week, Adin Ross was taking them from Alex Pereira….

Me after creating this movement….

Anyway, back to the original video in this blog - Jon Jones is doin everything but fighting at this point, huh? 

From Oklahoma drills to mixed martial arts seminars to signings to drunk-heckling-comedians to appearances at PFL events to appearances at the clubs, you can't avoid the guy nowadays….and yet there's still no timetable on his return! What's going on there?!

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Get back in the gym and start training, Jon! Stipe Miocic might just be a piece of cake for you at this point, but good ol' Tommy Aspinall from the UK ain't no slouch. And he's coming.

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P.S. At least it wasn't an oblique kick.