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I Gave New Year's Resolutions To The Barstool Office

Everyone knows I'm a near perfect individual. There is little that I can't do. But unfortunately, a lot of my co-workers are lacking in many areas. So I took it upon myself to assign some new year's resolutions to the Barstool office to help people better themselves. I assigned 4 different tasks to 4 different people. Klemmer had to learn tap dancing. Feits had to learn the ukulele. Marty had to learn metaphysics. And Trent had to learn the Chinese national anthem. 

Now the timing of a new year's resolutions video in March may seem a bit odd, but I didn't want to wait a full year to release this video so I gave them all a 6 weeks to learn their skills and then report back to me with a presentation. Watch the full video to see how everyone did but here's a sneak peak of Klemmer tap dancing. 

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