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Kyle Long Says The Best Way Forward For The Bears Is To Keep Fields AND Draft Caleb Williams

We've come a long way from the NFL insider tweets a month ago speculating that the Bears could get a first round pick for Fields. A lot has changed since that weird video of Fields' manager leaked celebrating a move to Atlanta. Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh, Cousins to the Falcons, and Fields...waiting around hoping for a home. The market has dried up. Bad circumstances for the Bears and for Fields. 

Everything Kyle Long said in that video is factually correct. Waiting for a Kirk Cousins or Aaron Rodgers to tear their achilles and a desperate team to come calling for a QB to save their season is the best way to maximize value at this point for Fields. 

Having said that...I want ZERO part of that scenario. I want to make things in Chicago as perfect as possible for Caleb Williams. Justin Fields looking over your shoulder isn't the way to do it in my opinion. The fan base is already in a civil war about Justin. The locker room has also been pretty vocal about their support for Fields. The Bears NEVER get the QB position right. I don't think walking into a fractured locker room is the best way to set Williams up for success. Just once, let's get our priorities straight. Could the Bears get a 2nd round pick for Fields in August/September for Fields...maybe. Is that 2nd round pick going to change the franchise? Probably not. Caleb Williams could genuinely change the franchise. If he's the guy Poles deems worthy of the #1 pick, then everything should be about making Williams successful and I don't think walking into a team where the entire locker room is pulling for their friend, the backup, is a good first step. 

Trade Fields where you can for what you can and clear the runway for your new franchise quarterback. If you can only get a 4th round pick for Fields in the 2024 draft then so be it. Find a taker. Move on. Keeping him just to get a slightly higher draft pick is just asking for a toxic start to a new era.