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A Binding Contract: Porter Moser Took To Twitter To Call Out All The Anonymous Sources Who Claimed He's Taking The DePaul Job

Well congrats to Oklahoma, you get to keep your coach. Where I come from a verbal contract is a binding contract. Good thing we've never, ever seen a coach say something like this and leave their program. Not once. I also love that he says he hasn't talked to any of the programs. I guess that's the important part. He doesn't specifically say he's turned down jobs, he just hasn't talked to them. He's got the Big 12 Tournament to worry about. 

Really this is him putting out something with all the speculation that he's taking the DePaul job: 

I'm not sure if Coaching Changes was the original source or not, it was just sort of out there all day yesterday. I mean, I get it, I guess? Moser is a Chicago guy, he'd be able to coach in the Big East with quite literally zero expectations. But you're also taking over the worst power conference team I can remember seeing. DePaul couldn't even win a game in the Big East this year, the same Big East with Georgetown. They were barely competitive to say the least. I'm not sure why any coach with a decent gig would want it unless there's some sort of massive donation coming that nobody knows about. 

This is part of the scoop game though. You run with a source (trust me) and then see what happens. If you miss? Oh well, onto the next scoop. If you get it right, you get to boast about how you're an insider. I will say it's one of the first times I've seen a coach straight up call out the anonymous sources like Moser did. Or at least whoever tweets for Moser did. The follow up tweet might be even better

The man is too busy eating dinner to be bothered with DePaul rumors! We've seen it happen where you get lost eating food. Just look at Mintz this past weekend. Sometimes a meal clears your mind and you realize you're in the wrong spot. It's all about adapting and figuring out what to do in that scenario. Post meal clarity. 

The DePaul job is fascinating to me. They shouldn't be this bad! You're in the Big East, in Chicago and actually had history at one point in your life. I mean Rod Strickland, Mark Aguirre, Bball Paul Reed, Max Strus, Quentin Richardson all were there at some point. Yet somehow they haven't won an NCAA Tournament game since 2004 and haven't made a Sweet 16 since 1987. They shouldn't be THIS bad and irrelevant though. I have no idea how you convince a coach to take it over, but Porter Moser just verbally turned you down. For now.