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High School Lacrosse Coach Saves The Day, Rescues Semi-Truck Driver Who Crashed Into A Pond

Jacksonville -- New video sent to Action News Jax by a viewer shows a Nease High School lacrosse coach swimming to save a semi-truck driver who crashed in a retention pond.

According to a Facebook post, the lacrosse team was on the way to West Palm Beach for a game when they saw it all unfold.

We’re told the coach made the charter bus driver stop so he could go in and save the truck driver.

High school lacrosse coaches all across the country save lives every day by rescuing countless kids from having to play baseball in the spring. But Max Gurowski, head coach at Nease High School down in Florida, took it a step further when he literally saved the life of this semi-truck driver who ended up in a retention pond. 

Just think about how many things needed to line up perfectly in order for this to happen. First, Max Gurowski had to become the head coach of this team in Florida. Next, that team needed to be driving to an away game against West Palm Beach where they'd come across this specific crash scene at that exact time. If the game was any earlier or later in the day, who knows what happens to this truck driver. 

But Max Gurowski is a hero. He told the bus driver to pull over, and he didn't give a damn if the boys had to show up a little late to the game. He knows they prepared their asses off all week to beat the brakes off of West Palm Beach, so if they had to get off the bus and get right into the game without any warmups? The boys were ready to do their job, just as he was ready to save that truck driver's life. Pulled over the bus and jumped right in that pond to bring that man back to solid ground. A high school baseball coach would have been too busy scratching his ass to even notice a truck in a pond. 

Sidenote: Talk about a way to really galvanize a team around you. It'll be hard for any of the kids on that team to not listen to everything coach says from now on after watching him save a man's life. They'll go to war for coach now. I'm not saying every high school coach needs to replicate this, but it sure would help to save some lives if you're dealing with some unruly kids on your roster who aren't falling in line.