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Trayce Jackson-Davis Did The Unthinkable And Caught Victor Wembanyama With One Of The More Impressive Dunks Of The Year

Michael Gonzales. Getty Images.

God damn!

I'm going to be honest with you if that's alright with everyone. While I know that everyone who steps foot on an NBA court can get find themselves on the wrong end of a poster at some point in their career, for some reason I thought if anyone could somehow avoid it, it was a player like Wemby. Given his size and all the hype surrounding him you knew he was going to be a target, but then once the games started we learned that he's already a defensive wall. Just an impossible player to score on given his length, timing, and skill.

Then came Trayce Jackson-Davis and I have to say, he got Wemby clean. That's about as clean a dunk you're going to dunk on the 7'3 unicorn, and as the tweet says, look at that extension. That's big time stuff from a guy who is certainly making a name for himself in the Warriors rotation. Those bastards did it again with TJD to go along with Brandin Podziemski in this rookie class and frankly I've had enough. They don't get to also have players who are capable of putting Wemby on a poster like that in addition to having Steph Curry. At some point we have to draw a line here.

And I'm sure as we often see with plays like this, there will be some who try and downplay it and say it's not that impressive. Grow up. Appreciate a sick dunk for what it is, and one of the few times someone has actually gotten the best of Wemby at the rim. When this season started if you had to predict who that dunker would be, I'm going to say not even TJD's own family would have guessed he'd be the guy, but here we are.