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Tough Night For ETSU … Their Team Bus Wouldn’t Start So They Had To Carpool To The Arena And Then They Lost A Heartbreaker To Samford In The SoCon Championship

March ! Where your team can overcome a 20 point deficit on a Sunday night and then not have the team bus start on a Monday night. March is war ! 

Seriously, this seems like something that would happen in Division 3 or High School. “Why didn’t team X show up ? Oh the bus wouldn’t start. “ This doesn’t happen in Division 1 or at least it shouldn’t and it shouldn’t happen with your season on the line. Just a brutal night for ETSU by all accounts. Try not to get food poisoning at the team meal on the way home. Brutal. 

Bucky ball is going to take the nation by storm soon. I like this team. 

Achor Achor is a BUCKET btw