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One Of Us: Luke Combs Is Sick Of The Panthers Bullshit, Calls Out The Franchise For 'Firebombing' The Team And Torturing Fans

Hey, Carolina, now youse can't leave. Good luck recovering from Luke Combs calling you out for just giving away players (thanks for Burns though). I love this though because it shows that one of the biggest names out there in music is just a guy who wants to bitch and moan on Twitter about his team, like the rest of us. It's really the one thing that brings America together. Look at the rise of Frank the Tank, look at the people who will reply to anyone and notice they have like 2 followers. We all do the same thing! We just want our teams to stop fucking sucking and being dumb. 

Then again, Luke makes a point here. 


Yeah, well, when it's typed out like that it's a whole lot worse. Again, I don't blame Luke Combs for losing his shit. That's the beauty of fandom. It doesn't matter how rich, poor, famous, nobody you are. You all can share that one thing in common - begging the Panthers to do anything, something, besides throwing drinks at fans. 

The poor guy or gal working social media for the Panthers is in absolute hell right now. Whether you like his music or not, Luke Combs is a massive name. He's now rallying everyone against you and wanting you to figure out. Typically fine, but if you're the social media manager you have people who 1) think you have the actual ability to fix the team and 2) you get to hear the played out joke that 'the intern' when it's someone with a real job. I say that blogging from my mom's basement. 

An honest question though - what are the Panthers trying to do? What's the plan. They are out here with Bryce Young and a whole lot of crap around him. Can't invest too much into people considering you gave up a ton for Young. Again, look at that list and tell me how the Panthers are going to have this turnaround any time in the next couple years.