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The Patriots Sign Jacoby Brissett to a 1-Year Deal, Guaranteeing They're Drafting a QB at No. 3

Source - The Patriots have a reunion on their hands in more ways than one by signing free-agent quarterback Jacoby Brissett to a one-year deal worth up to $8 million, according to reports. ...

The news will have Patriots fans reminiscing about the 2016 quarterback room with the now 31-year-old returning to Foxborough. However, the more relevant connection is that Brissett spent the 2022 season with the Browns, playing for new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt. Brissett made 11 starts for Cleveland, including one against the Patriots, going 4-7 as the starter. 

 Seeing that they passed on top options in the veteran quarterback market, the Patriots are expected to strongly consider selecting a quarterback with the third overall pick in April's draft. Brissett, who has a strong reputation as a terrific teammate, is an ideal mentor for a rookie. 

It's virtually impossible to imagine any other scenario than the one the Patriots own website has laid out for us. The top quarterbacks on the free agent market are either coming off the board with outrageously over-valued contracts given their age (Kirk Cousins), or are being let go for by teams who'd rather eat their outrageously over-valued contracts than try to get any return on that investment (Russell Wilson). Leaving the Patriots to go with the short-term option that leads us to one - and only one - logical conclusion:

Jacoby Brissett is coming back to New England to be the Bridge Guy for the QB they're taking with the No. 3 pick. There is literally no other way to interpret this move. 

It adds up on so many levels. Brissett won the respect of the entire Patriots organization as a rookie in 2016 when he was pressed into duty in Week 2 when Jimmy Garoppolo got hurt in his second start subbing in for a suspended Tom Brady. In the third game, the Pats pulled off an impressive, dominating win under his leadership:

But it was in Week 4 that he really left his mark. Garoppolo showed up to Gillette early that morning expecting to start, but shut it down at more or less the last minute. Brissett, despite a crippling injury to his throwing hand, stepped up and made the start in Jimmy G's place. The result was a 16-0 loss to Buffalo. But his gutty 17-27, 205-yard, 0 TD, 0 INT performance only solidified his place on the eventual Super Bowl champions because he had no business playing at all. He took one for the team in the most literal sense. Which was confirmed by the fact he went to he hospital for surgery on that hand as soon as the game was over. 

Meaning this is the kind of quarterback that, while you don't necessarily wish to bet your future on him, can most definitely be a presence you want on your roster and in your quarterback's room. Add to that the fact that his highest quarterback rating in any season in which he had more than 23 attempts was the 88.9 he posted working with Van Pelt in 2022, and this is a good fit for all sides. 

More importantly, it all but guarantees that 2024 will be a season for drafting and developing the next franchise quarterback, undoubtedly Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels, depending on what Washington does with the second pick. Whichever rookie may or may not be starting in Week 1. But Brissett is being brought in to see to it that whomever it is doesn't have to start right away. Though it's way too early to be sure:

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All we can say for certain is that everything the new Patriots regime has done so far points to them drafting and developing the next guy to lead us back to the promised land. And until he's ready, this fanbase will be in good hands.