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I Interviewed Former #1 Overall Pick Casey Mize And We Talked About His Return From Tommy John Surgery

This was the most nervous that I’ve been coming into an interview. It’s bizarre because Tarik Skubal has had a better career than Casey Mize has, and we’ve talked to some pretty fantastic personalities so far, but when I first started doing these Tiger postgame videos, Casey Mize was the one piece in the farm system that we had to look forward to. I was doing Casey Mize videos outside of the restaurant where I worked back when I dropped out of college in 2018. It’s something of a full circle moment, andI still have faith that he can be a really good major league pitcher, and I appreciate him taking the time to do an interview.

From a pitching standpoint, it really seems like everyone in Tigers organization is on the same page. They’ve embraced new wave analytics, while not allowing themselves to get lost in the sauce. Sometimes you can become too enamored by the analytical side of things. I feel like sometimes we take for granted pitchers who are coming back from Tommy John surgery. It’s sadly become this bizarre right of passage for pitchers, but it is a fucking brutal journey just to get back on the field, and I appreciate Casey Mize being open about the fact that he had some rough days. I don’t blame him. He came in with so much hype, and he had a very good rookie season; things didn’t go according to plan after that. He’s had some issues controlling the ball in spring training, but the stuff looks good, which is most important.

We’re loaded up for shows over the next few weeks. On Friday, we have a really fun interview that I did with Brandon Walker, which will be coming out. I learned a lot of interesting stuff about his past. We’ve already recorded an interview with Tigers prospect Max Clark and pretty soon will have finished up interviews with former Michigan basketball player Nik Stauskus and Lions safety Kirby Joseph. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe on Rumble and YouTube. You can find the link to everything you need in the link tree down below.

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