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Watch: Terrifying Video Of A Zookeeper Getting Caught In An Enclosure With A MASSIVE Silverback Gorilla

I know this is sick, but whenever I see one of these videos I always root for the animal especially if it's in a zoo. I'm not saying I want zookeepers to get hurt, but I wouldn't mind them getting a little roughed up. Is that fucked up to say? I don't know I just feel bad for the animals. Imagine being locked in a shoegasm cage all day? It's not like they don't know either, Gorilla's are smart. Probably smart enough to understand that if they murk a human they're get Harambe'd. That's how it works. 

Regardless, I would've shit my pants the second I heard that charging. Here's what the Fort Worth Zoo had to say...

Source - Former zoo security officer Ben White said he was the first responding officer at the scene.“It happened during feeding time, so he wasn’t supposed to be out whatsoever,” he said.

Florida-based biology professor Dr. Billy Gunnels is an expert in animal behavior. He said gorillas are much stronger than humans.

“And fortunately, it looks like the zookeeper did every single thing they could appropriately,” he said after seeing the video.

Gunnels said the outcome of the situation could have been terrible if the zookeeper wasn’t able to keep calm and stick to her training.

Got it. Gorilla's are stronger than humans. Thank you Dr. G! But what about the idiot who let the Gorilla out in the first place? What happened to him? Did they feed him to the tigers? That's what I would've done. Apparently this Zoo is losing control of all its animals...

Not long after this scary situation took place, another unusual occurrence happened with a different primate. An orangutan was recorded smoking a cigarette in his enclosure.

“Will an orangutan smoke? Yeah, they will. Should we be introducing that? No, I mean that, that’s crazy,” Gunnels said.

Charging gorillas, smoking orangutans. Oh well. Alls well that ends well. Fingers crossed next time they lock themselves in an enclosure they make it out alive.