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Tiki Barber Said That Saquon Barkley Is Dead To Him For Signing With The Eagles, Which Caused Saquon To Fire Back At Tiki On Twitter

Fellas, fellas, there's no need to fight. All of us Giants fans want you both to fuck right off!

Okay that's a bit harsh, but it is crazy to me that by far the two best running backs I've ever seen play for my team will both be remembered for the way they left the Giants instead of all the incredible shit they did for them and are now duking it out on Elon's Twitter. This afternoon may have sucked as a Giants fan because you never want to see a good player go to the Eagles let alone one of your good players. However, seeing a beef pop on Twitter is always fun, as is seeing your team just traded for an absolute stud pass rusher.

As for the actual beef, I see where both sides are coming from. Tiki is riding for the only team he ever played for, is speaking for the angry fans of that team (who Tiki also just so happens to be dead to), and is in a profession where saying shit like this just so happens to move the needle. 

But Saquon isn't wrong either. The Giants did look to extend him last year but couldn't get a deal everyone wanted and allowed their best offensive playmaker to reach free agency where he could skip town to their biggest rival. All #fax as the kids say. If Saquon got seriously injured last season, he'd be shit out of luck getting a monster deal that the Eagles gave him. There is no such thing as loyalty outside of us idiot fans that continue to watch the games, buy the merch, and raise future fans of the franchise no matter how good or shitty they are.

Tiki also was no strangers to getting into beefs with Giants players and coaches back in his playing days before he famously called out Eli before the 2007 season. I used to hold those Eli comments against Tiki, but there's a chance this moment doesn't happen without Tiki's words, so in a weird way I am forever grateful to him for making them.

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In all honesty, I don't know which side to choose in this online brouhaha, so I'll just roll with whoever Ahmad Bradshaw rides with because that dude brought the pain on the field along with two Lombardi Trophies back to The Meadowlands.