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If The NFL Thinks Justin Fields Is A Backup Then Maybe The Chicago Bears Just Keep Him As Such

Well. There they went. The two most likely landing spots for Justin Fields in Pittsburgh and Atlanta are off the board and there really aren't that many more options left for Ryan Poles to find a trade partner. 

Hang on.... OK...Ohhhhhhh K!! We have some rumblings!!!

Eight minutes later...


Fuckity fuck fuck. That's about all you can say at this point if you're a Bears fan hoping to get something of value for a quarterback who's proven he could make adjustments and show signs of talent and coachability in the latter half of 2023. At this point, I'm not even really gonna blame Poles for this. Sure, Fields is not worth passing on Caleb Williams for, but he's also not worth giving away for backup QB value. 

Who's even left in the sweepstakes anymore? Giants/Vikings/Seahawks? Can't include Washington or New England given their draft status but I think that's about it. 

So what is Poles to do now? I'm ready to say fuck it and keep Justin. Everyone forgets how valuable a backup quarterback can be. Draft Caleb and see if he can handle the pressure of having a good or at worst good-adjacent backup quarterback behind him. All that primadonna talk can be proven wrong by him manning up and not caring who the #2 is or the fact that the entire team supported keeping him. If the rest of the NFL thinks he's a backup, why shouldn't the Bears? And who cares about the rookie contract ending if no one wants him? Who's paying him?

But what I don't want to see is Caleb go down and Nate Freaking Peterman or what's his face, Tyson Bagent (young Nate Peterman) coming into the game. No fucking thanks. Just tell Justin what's up. He's the backup and will likely be traded at an opportune moment for the Bears. 

Not for the teams waiting to get him cheap.