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The Packers Rollercoaster Free Agency Day Continues As They Hand Stud Safety Xavier McKinney a 4 Year, $68M Deal

Cooper Neill. Getty Images.

It's been a fucking rollercoaster day for the Packers and their free agency movement. First Darnell Savage goes to Jacksonville. Not really a needle mover. Finally we got word that Bakhtiari's time in Green Bay was over. Completely expected, but obviously sad since he's been with the team for so long and become a fan favorite. Then out of nowhere Josh Jacobs comes over from the Raiders, 4 years $48M (only $12.5M gtd). Stunner. 

Ian Rapoport then leads fans into believing Aaron Jones was also going to redo his deal and stick around, forming an elite RB duo in the backfield. Aaron Jones was then cut. We were hoodwinked and bamboozled. That left fans in a state of mass confusion, but to lift everyone's spirits here comes Xavier McKinney! 

Gute not fucking around! X coming over from the Giants on a massive four year deal. Packers handing out multiple big free agent deals in the same day. 

Now first reaction…is that a lot of money for a safety? Absolutely. Is McKinney a stud? No question. Do I need him? Yes. 

He finishes tackles and defends exceptionally against the pass. Played every fucking snap last year. What more can you ask for from a 24 year old? Secondary savant Jeff Hafley comes over from Boston College and immediately gets a brand new toy to deploy with his defense. Sign me up. 

Not sure they planned it all out like this, but the Aaron Jones cut coming right before the McKinney signing was textbook PR from the front office. Nobody really talking about that anymore. In a day's time the Packers turned Savage and Jones into McKinney and Jacobs. Pretty fucking good, even if the Jones news is still a bummer. X makes it all better. I like this whole plan of actually engaging in free agency. Go Pack Go