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If You Have A Problem With Kim Mulkey's Post Game Comments You are Sexist

Let me start by saying I’m not looking for credit or people to pat me on the back for being the only true champion of women’s sports. But I swear all you ever hear about nowadays is how we need to treat the women the same as the men.  People blab on about Title 9 and everything else.   But I feel like a lot of the people who say this don’t actually mean it.  Let’s take women's basketball for example.  This year the women’s game is far more entertaining than the men.   You have bigger stars, bigger coaches, bigger games.   And nowhere was that on display more than yesterday in the SEC finals between South Carolina and LSU.  As I’m sure everybody saw by now the game ended in a fight between the two squads with Kamilla “The Killer” Cardoso demolishing an LSU player causing both benches to clear and a brother of one of the players to jump into the scrum from the stands.    

After the game both coaches took a different tact in how they handled it.  South Carolina coach Dawn Staley half apologized for the incident while LSU coach Kim Mulkey basically said she wished Cardosa picked on somebody her own size.  

 Mulkey’s comments have been met with swift rebuke from everybody outside of LSU.    Shannon Sharpe said that Mulkey only gets a pass because she’s won national titles and she needs to be better.  Resident race baiter Jemele Hill chimed in basically saying imagine “if Dawn Staley said that” implying Mulkey gets a pass because she’s white.   Some old out of touch overly sensitive white guy said he needed Mulkey to be the adult in the room and on and on it went.

To me I don’t get what the big deal is?  One of Mulkey’s players got wiped out by a giant.  I don’t think anybody would bat an eyelash if Danny Hurley or any men’s coach said what Mulkey said after the game in a similar situation.   Basically pick on somebody your own size.   But we still have this notion that women need to be treated differently than men.  That you can’t criticize woman players like you can men.   That somehow a fight is worse when it happens in the women’s game than the men.   Listen rivalries and moments like these are what make sports great.  We don’t need moral lectures from Shannon Sharpe who tried to fight somebody in the front row of a Lakers game last year on how to behave.   There is a reason why the Women’s game is better than the men’s game right now and it’s not solely because of Caitlin Clark.  The level of play and competitiveness is through the roof right now and it's because of games, coaches and rivalries like these.