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Lori Loughlin Leaning Into The Joke On Curb Your Enthusiasm Was Absolutely Incredible

This is why Curb Your Enthusiasm is the funniest show to ever exist on television. Also any celebrity that commits a crime like Lori did and leans into it is the best thing you can possibly do. They didn't overkill it and it came out of nowhere, which was amazing. The subtle things of her bribing everyone made me laugh more than I have in this show in quite sometime. Getting the doctors note to drive on the fairways and then having a handicap sticker on her car to park closer everywhere is just funny. If you didn't laugh at that you just don't know funny. 

The best part of this episode is that there are just so many layers to it. The dicks being spray painted on to Susie's billboard to all leading back to him if you are a Curb fan this is just a peak episode. All celebrities need to lean into things that people talk shit about. If you make fun of it yourself then nobody else really wants to as well and the story dies.

 I think all signs for this season point to redoing the Seinfeld finale. This season started off slow but has been absolutely hysterical since, short of seeing how bleak Richard Lewis' apperance looked two episodes ago.

 I cant wait for the next couple eps, but it is going to be hard to beat this last one.